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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is an umbrella term. It includes myriad ways to solve your disputes without resorting to trials. These alternatives comprise international arbitration, direct negotiation, and mediation. On the other hand, there is litigation. This legal procedure involves solving complex matters using the traditional court system. Our dispute settlers safeguard the interests of our clients at all times. Our quintessential aim is to help you solve your disputes. And that is in a less formal framework, hence, less stressful.

An Undeniable Expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution

While engaging in Alternative Dispute Resolution, we make it a point to understand and respect our client’s need for confidentiality, and we respect that. Our tailored dispute resolving techniques align with our client’s mission and vision. All while respecting the law. ADR skills allow us to collaborate with our clients. Such valuable skills help bring more creative solutions to your disputes.

More clients are seeking Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques due to their efficacy in developing outstanding solutions. These dispute resolutions last longer and cost less. This is valid if we compare it to classic court proceedings. Legal proceedings at courts may take longer to look at issues. Unlike ADR options, traditional legal settlements usually refer to existing solutions that are black or white. Thus, they don’t resort to creative dispute solutions, which can be tedious. This can indeed be energy-draining. It makes you lose interest and motivation to carry on your case. Scientifically speaking, settling your disputes alternatively leads to higher satisfaction rates. It benefits both parties if you wish to improve your long-term professional relationship.

That is because Alternative Dispute Resolution options always privilege your business and reputation. It adheres to the philosophy that a consensual agreement is feasible. As a matter of fact, in choosing to settle your disputes alternatively and outside the traditional court system, you’re giving yourself the freedom to choose a certain location, language, and legal system. Get to experience a unique and profitable way of resolving your issues. And that’s thanks to our team’s expertise in a variety of fields, languages, and legal systems. Moreover, as a multidisciplinary team, we help you look at your issues from different and new vantage points, to come up with arguments and solutions that best protect your underlying economic interests.