Field Solutions

Market Intelligence

You undoubtedly know the importance of market intelligence. You know exactly that you need to test the waters before embarking on something big. To figure out whether some business is likely to become profitable or not before investing your efforts. Business is not a place for whims and caprices. It relies primarily on data. That’s why at Field Solutions, we provide you field knowledge, proactive market intelligence through our solid network of local service-providers sharing the same field vision and approach.

Market Intelligence for a Prosperous Business

Our team has undeniable expertise in market intelligence, which allows it to work hand in hand and in close collaboration. Our team analyzes relevant market data on the foreseen investment/transaction in order to provide you with straightforward solutions for a successful business.

Furthermore, thanks to our trusted local network of field personnel, we provide you with a first-hand information in relation to market intelligence in order to assess the credibility and viability of the partner party or target. Our team collaborates with top-notch local market intelligence to enforce arbitral awards and collect our clients’ receivables.