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Our Swiss-based mediators are happy to offer the quality mediation experience you need. And that’s aside from our alternative dispute resolution options, including international arbitration and direct negotiation.  Because we care that you resolve your issues in the smoothest way possible. Our team has a reputation for excellence as mediators between parties. And that’s in a myriad of industries and in an international environment.

Mediation is a greatly sought after tactic for alternatively resolving disputes. Basically, mediation is a professional skill that helps both parties reach a mutual agreement and practical resolutions to conflicts. Our world-class mediators ensure fruitful communication between the parties involved. 

What is Mediation?

To be a successful mediator is basically to have a set of qualities to assure a quality mediation experience for your clients. A mediator needs to be a creative thinker who listens actively to get a clearer image of the aspirations and underlying interests of both parties involved in the process of mediation. As a matter of fact, it is not that simple to be a mediator, let alone a qualified one. Our mediators at Field Solutions have a high sense of adaptability thanks to their professional experience on the international level. We do our best to understand you. No matter how intricate your legal issue may seem, we adapt perfectly to every situation and seek to mitigate the risks that may arise.

Quality Services at Field Solutions

Thanks to mediation, we ease the parties’ elaboration of mutually viable solutions. For this, we harvest an environment of mutual understanding. So that you achieve your underlying economic interests. Our internationally recognized mediators act as a bridge between the parties involved. And that is to help you engage in a transparent and profitable dialog… A conflict-free dialog. 

We aim to help our clients be the captain of their own ships. While we facilitate their communication.

Our founding partner is a CEDR accredited mediator.