Areas of Expertise

• International trade services (sale, purchase, trade of wet, dry, bulk, hard and soft commodities)
• International transportation advice (rail, road, sea, multimodal)
• Dispute resolution services: Litigation (state courts), International Arbitration (ICC, LCIA, ICAC, ACT, Swiss Arbitration, others), Mediation (Accredited CEDR mediator)
• Commercial contracts drafting and advice
• Corporate advice and assistance
• Tax (domestic and international relating to direct and indirect taxation)
• Banking and Finance counseling

Dispute Resolution

A- Litigation (State Courts) and International Arbitration (ICC, LCIA, ICAC, ACT)

Our philosophy is to focus on solutions and settlements from the outset and throughout the proceedings, whilst safeguarding the interests of our clients at all times. This philosophy will avoid lengthy, time, energy and money-consuming proceedings and to allow, where possible, our clients to maintain a viable, ongoing, commercial relationship with counter-parties. We can represent the interests of our clients in state courts, in International arbitration (ICC, LCIA, ICAC, Swiss Chamber of Commerce) and mediation in relation to disputes arising in different fields of business:

    • Commercial and commodities trading-related disputes;
    • Distribution and supply agreements;
    • Shipping and transportation-related disputes;
    • Trade-finance and payment instruments-related disputes;
    • Corporate issues;
    • Enforcement proceedings;
    • Recognition and enforcement of judgments issued by foreign courts;
    • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

B- International Commercial Mediation:
Our founding partner is an accredited mediator from the Center of Effective Dispute Resolution in London.   Based on his field experience, our founding partner actively assists disputing parties to reach mutually viable and creative solutions.   This approach secures time and substance-efficient international commercial mediation with a highly business friendly consideration.   Our international commercial mediation covers commodities trading disputes (such as sales and purchase transactions, quality and quantity related-disputes, deal violations etc.) but also shipping and transportation disputes as well as trade-finance and insurance disputes



We provide general corporate advice and services for the organisation and operation of businesses. We are routinely involved in mergers, acquisitions and dispositions of corporate assets, as well as other types of reorganisation. We offer comprehensive and strategic advice on all aspects of structuring international assets and tax optimisation, capital increases and decreases, financing, restructuring and legal questions concerning groups of companies and family-owned companies, including relationships between shareholders and shareholders’ agreements, in particular:

    • Due diligence and advice on corporate restructuring;
    • Set up, restructuring and liquidation of different types of entities, including registration proceedings;
    • Registration and amendment of corporate documents;
    • Drafting related agreements (shareholder, option, share purchase, partnership etc);
    • Dispute resolution on corporate matters, including cross-border cases.


International Transportation

We advise clients on international taxation issues arising out of cross-border and investment transactions. Having strong links with leading law firms located in various jurisdictions, we can offer our clients useful and efficient solutions for their intended holding, financial and trade structures, based on a clear understanding of a client's business and strategic goals.


Commercial Contracts

We advise clients located in various jurisdictions on contracts and related issues from the most diverse fields. We support and represent clients with a view to the negotiation and conclusion of agreements, as well as in connection with contract enforcement. In this regard, our areas of competence encompass all forms of commercial contracts, for example, sale and purchase, lease, supply, employment, licenses, service and agency agreements, as well as the diverse forms of cooperation agreements.


Public Procurement

In the area of public procurement, we advise bidders on the structuring of tender offers, on the conduct and participation in tender procedures, on the drafting and negotiation of procurement agreements, as well as on all questions relating to applications .


Distribution Agreements

We advise clients on all matters relating to the distribution of goods, products and services, where appropriate with the involvement of our overseas partner firms in relevant jurisdictions.


International Trade

We advise clients involved in international commodities-trading and want to be their privileged partners to develop their sale and purchase strategies with respect to import and export, import for processing, temporary imports and other customs procedures.

The scope of our services includes:

    • Ensuring compliance of trading operations with international principles and regulations, including export (re-export) controls and customs sanctions;
    • Drafting of tailor-made sale and/or purchase agreements;
    • Distribution agreement schemes tailor-made to the business orientations of the client;
    • Anti-dumping investigations;
    • Joint venture and agency agreements.



We provide advice to clients on corporate structures, corporate securities and sources of corporate finance.

The scope of our services in this field includes:

    • Maintenance and reduction of capital, dividends and distributions, financial assistance;
    • Syndicated and convertible loans, credit facilities, including support for deals to secure funding, corporate acquisition funding, project finance;
    • Debt restructuring and collaterals.