Field Solutions

Solution-makers with skin in the game

A field-counselling firm active in the commodities industry and commodities trading.

Who we are ?

Integrity. Transparency. Excellence.

We are a Swiss counselling firm with a confirmed expertise and passion in commodities industry, commodities trading, trade finance, shipping and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We help you grow, we help you structure, we help you finance, we help you prevent commercial disputes, we help you settle disputes efficiently.

Why choose us ?

20+ Years of Experience

Multilingual Counseling

Solving Complex Disputes

International Clientele

Thought Leadership



We have over 20 years of field experience in commodities trading, transactions, contracts, trade finance, shipping and ADR.

We develop tailored viable solutions, we feel the business, we benchmark solutions on the field and not on our desks, we are where our clients need us.

We put our skin in our solutions by avoiding idle and sterile opinions.

We speak the language of the industry simply and plainly.

Our solutions are benchmarked by outcome and our only outcome is to help our clients grow their business through a preventive approach and strategic thinking capacity from the outset.

We know commodities business, we know trading, we know trade finance, we know the underlying real economic interests and we resolve our clients’ disputes through this field ever-growing knowledge.


At Field Solutions, we keep our clients involved every step of the way.

Our field advisers as well as our worldwide network dedicate their knowledge to assist you in:

– drafting preventive contractual instruments

– structure your business in a viable, solid, integrated and bankable manner

– assist in securing proper facilities and access to trade-finance solutions

– assist in settling disputes by assessing dynamics and interests

Your field advisers with high-caliber talent in resolving your most complex issues and assisting to grow your business and trade.
We have experience in a plethora of trading and trade finance issues, acting as field advisers,  arbitratorsmediators, or negotiators.

We share the philosophy that negotiation and listening are skills that never go out of fashion.

And that preventive drafting and  ADR are the most adequate ways to preserve your interests and accomplish your business goals.

Our Clients


We have been working with Field Solutions Ltd since the creation of Steel Alliance S.A. in 2017 and we are very satisfied with their expertise and professional advice.

Steel Alliance SA

I highly recommend Field Solutions.
The team is trustworthy and gives the best legal advice.


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