Field Solutions

July 2 The Social in Zurich: Field Lawyering

Dear Swiss Socialites,

We invite you to attend our next Social in Zurich on July 2nd at Sihl Bar. Entrance is as usual CHF 30 per person (if registered prior to 24 hours before the event, then the entrance is CHF 20), includes a welcome drink and a private dedicated space for our networking.
For new joiners: To register, join the Zurich Social members group (Facebook link) by messaging us with your real name, surname, email address, and an introductory sentence about yourself.

For existing members: Just select going on the event’s page.

Guest speaker: Vicken Bayramian, Field lawyer and blockchain entrepreneur
Theme: Field Lawyering vs. Desk Lawyering: what makes a field lawyer closer to tomorrow’s lawyers than a desk lawyer.

Sincerely yours,
Lorenzo, Yulia, Karina, Avi
Ambassadors of “The Social” in Zurich

N.B. The theme by no means necessarily targets specific interest of our members in any specific theme; on the contrary, we encourage people who don’t know anything at all about the theme of the event, as well as experts in the topic, to both attend and use the theme as an excuse to initiate high quality networking and build meaningful relationships.