Field Solutions

Commercial Contracts

Our team has world-class expertise in resolving disputes and regulating commercial contracts in a plethora of fields. With an in-depth knowledge of our client’s business, we anticipate the upcoming risks to prevent them. Over the years, we have established a solid reputation for excellence in settling disputes.

A Qualified Team for Your Commercial Contracts

We support and represent our clients in light of the negotiation and conclusion of agreements, concerning their commercial contracts. Processes of contract enforcement are also part of our know-how. We help the contracting parties settle their legal issues amicably with the assistance of highly qualified and neutral problem-solvers. Besides, we strive to build you the right environment where you can speak freely about your underlying economic interests. Our team partners with you to better articulate your goals and interpret them into feasible actions. Because we care about your interests, we do our best, so that the promises made are committed to.

Our analytical and critical thinking skills allow us to go beyond the traditional and simplistic methods of dispute resolution. Our in-depth knowledge of commodities trading allows us to answer all your questions and concerns.

As your field advisors, we support you in various areas of competence. Our expertise encompasses all forms of commercial contracts, such as sales and purchase, lease, supply (short and long term), employment, licenses, service, and agency agreements, as well as the diverse forms of cooperation agreements.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Preventive drafting of international sales and purchase contracts.
  • We offer you services for both one-off/ spot and long-term supply contracts. Contracts can be tailor-made for our clients, or simply based on a given contract model. We always consider the specific needs of each client, in particular regarding the Underlying Economic Interests (UEI) applicable to each contract.
  • Practical input in reviewing drafts of contracts reflecting the Field Solutions vision and practice i.e. a concrete approach to the situation to best meet the interests of our clients. And that’s without sacrificing the conclusion of the contract or jeopardizing the contemplated deal.
  • Ensuring compliance of trading operations with international principles and regulations, including export (re-export) controls and customs sanctions, as well as bank compliance requirements.
  • Distribution agreement schemes tailor-made to the business orientations of the client.
  • Anti-dumping investigations.
  • Joint venture and agency agreements.
  • Hedging transactions.
  • Tripartite financing arrangements.