Field Solutions


Proactive management is one of the massive challenges to the corporate world, no matter the business. Our team assists businesses like yours to stand on their own feet. Your team at Field Solutions provides you with a comprehensive assistance on a myriad of issues.

An Unparalleled Expertise in the Corporate World

Problem-solvers at heart, our team advises you on the following:

  • Corporate structures, corporate securities, and sources of corporate finance.
  • Syndicated and convertible loans, and
  • Credit facilities, including
    • support for deals to secure funding,
    • corporate acquisition funding,
    • project finance.

Besides that, we counsel you on debt restructuring and collaterals.

Furthermore, we guide you on how to organize and operate your corporate structures. Overall, our practice in this area includes various types of reorganizations, such as mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of corporate assets, among others:

  • Due diligence and advice on company restructuring;
  • Set up, restructuring and liquidation of different types of entities, including registration proceedings;
  • Registration and amendment of corporate documents;
  • Drafting related agreements (shareholder, option, share purchase, partnership etc);
  • Dispute resolution on business matters, including cross-border cases.

Our dispute settlers back you up no matter the stage of your business, or the challenge you have in the business world. In a world of clashes, let us be your interpreters for achievable long-term goals.