Field Solutions

Documentary Credits

Documentary credits play an instrumental role in international commerce and trading. Yet, these non-payment cash services should comply with specific regulations and treaties. Because if not, harsh consequences and measurements can take place. That’s why our field team dedicates its expertise to your benefit and to level up in your firm with tailored business solutions.

Your Team for Reliable Documentary Credits

Our field team has a wealth of knowledge in processing documentary credits and UCP 600. We aim to make your trade finance transactions as flexible and profitable as possible. We intervene proactively to establish viable letters of credit and/or secure their sustainability. Here’s how :

A Myriad of Benefits

Documentary credits are safe and secure methods of payment. We ensure you receive your payment and the documentation needed for import on time. As a result, this helps you enhance your working capital management. Lead with unshakable confidence. Besides, this globally trusted method helps you navigate the world of business while contributing to your reputation as a trusted partner in the long run. You wonder how? Letters of credit are an interesting proof that highlights your creditworthiness. Namely that you are valuable in the sense that you have a history of being a creditworthy buyer that no business partner should lose.