Field Solutions

Direct Negotiation

Our team in direct negotiation provides a wealth of experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques. Because we care to settle your issues with success. We provide assistance in business-related disputes. A quality ADR consultancy for a long-lasting relationship that serves your business interests to the core.

A Reputation for Excellence in Direct Negotiation

Our reputable direct negotiation professionals work with you to achieve your short and long terms goals. Field Solutions’ mindset combines deep field knowledge and savoir-faire. So that we give you high levels of expertise in resolving your disputes… no matter how intricate they may seem. The unsolvable doesn’t exist in our lexicon.

At Field Solutions, our team specializing in direct negotiation skills focus on your interests. That is why interest-based negotiation is a way to lead a carefree business. Our Swiss-based negotiators pay close attention to your Underlying Economic Interests (UEI). We seek to identify these Underlying Economic Interests. Then, we assess them to understand the point of view of each party involved.

A Human-Centered Philosophy

Our advisors in direct negotiation share with our clients the philosophy that human relationships are at the crux of the matter. No business can ever thrive without healthy relationships. And that’s exactly why negotiation is becoming a much-needed skill nowadays. Working to enhance your relationship with the other party helps both of you in the long and short runs. Negotiation allows you the possibility of transcending your barriers and rethinking your problems for a shared benefit. Extend an olive branch thanks to the craft of our negotiators, convince, and preserve a professional relationship that you would profit from for decades to come. Because escalating your problems gains you nothing in return.

We understand how crucial it is to identify the UEI. Proper identification of the UEI allows for the elaboration of direct negotiation strategies. Negotiation strategies help decision-makers like you find proactive solutions to commercial disputes. But also to focus on business development.