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International Arbitration (ICC, LCIA, ICAC, LMAA, Swiss Rules… )

International Arbitration is a high-in-demand option for clients just like you with reputable businesses. More than ever, clients are aware of the importance of ADR services. Unlike litigation, arbitration helps you settle disputes outside the court. Imagine if you can resolve your legal disputes sooner than expected. Without having to go down the rabbit hole, as in litigation. Without labyrinths and crazy races with time.

Basically, an international arbitration practitioner is an impartial person with the skill of thinking analytically and critically. Hence, it goes without saying that an arbitrator is a good listener, problem-solver, and eloquent speaker. All in all, we can say that an arbitrator is a qualified expert who listens carefully and weighs his own words.

At Field Solutions, we safeguard your reputation and interests, thanks to our competence in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Our team has a wealth of experience as arbitrators for our international clientele. We have expertise in several international arbitration proceedings as arbitrators or counsels.

We take pride in representing the interests of our clients in International Arbitration. And that is in:

Swiss Arbitration, ICC, LCIA, ICAC, LMAA, CIETAC.

Our team provides arbitration on disputes arising across business fields.

We provide services at all stages of the arbitration process, including without limitation:

  • drafting arbitration agreements and clauses reflecting the preventive drafting approach;
  • drafting solution-orientated notices of breach;
  • various drafting during arbitration proceedings;
  • obtaining pre-arbitration injunctions.

Our founding partner, Vicken Bayramian, has unparalleled expertise in the application of these rules and in international arbitration. He has notably participated in the drafting of the SRIA (Swiss Rules of International Arbitration) mainly in relation to commodities trading.

International Arbitration Expertise in a Plethora of Business Fields

  • Commercial and commodities trading-related disputes;
  • Distribution and supply agreements;
  • Shipping and transportation-related disputes;
  • Trade-finance and payment instruments-related disputes;
  • Corporate issues;
  • Enforcement proceedings;
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments issued by foreign courts;
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.